Nepal is best known for its lofty peaks and warm, welcoming people.

The country has 500 rugged miles of borderlands with crossings open to foot and vehicle traffic.

Population: 28M

Language: Nepali

Capital: Kathmandu


Destiny Rescue’s top priority
in Nepal is tackling the issue of
trafficking at the border.




Sex trafficking
and exploitation


 Traffickers prey on the desperation of poverty and victims’ lack of education, luring girls and young women over the border with promises of marriage or well-paying jobs . Once across the border, a girl will most likely be trafficked into one of the most dangerous regions of the sex industry or into forced labor.

Our work in Nepal

Border Rescue

Our rescue agents monitor key border-crossing check points. They investigate and intervene in instances of human trafficking across the border.

Raid Rescues

Rescue agents are involved in operations with local law enforcement to rescue individuals out of both labor and sex trafficking and arrest their traffickers.

Transitional Shelter

We provide temporary living space, meals and care to rescued girls waiting for their families to bring them back home.

Family Reunification

Typically, the girls we rescue have left home without their familiy’s knowledge. After rescue, our teams help families reunite and return home together.

Follow Up

Caseworkers contact girls and their families via phone to make sure they are safe and free in the months after rescue.

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