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Jason is a passionate advocate for vulnerable children who have endured oppression and abuse. His determination to confront the silence surrounding these issues has driven him from a young age. 

He is a strategic leader with a visionary mindset, always seeking innovative solutions to complex issues. Drawing on his extensive experience in organizational leadership, team development and mission-driven work, Jason joined Destiny Rescue in 2017 to further his commitment to making a difference. With a background in the Marine Corps, executive leadership in the financial industry and over 25 years of pastoring and coaching in the local church, he brings a unique blend of skills and expertise to his role. 

Jason is committed to Christ-like service and organizational excellence with the ultimate goal of bringing honor to God—enriching the lives of donors, volunteers and staff. Most importantly, Jason’s unwavering focus is on empowering freedom for children who are counting on us to show up.

“Life is found as we find our role in the ‘Good Samaritan’ story.”



Eva has always had a passion for missions and is continuously grateful that God led her to a place where she can steward her skills and abilities to help kids in distress. 

She started as a volunteer in 2010 and was hired within a week. She moved to Cambodia in 2012 to be a project manager and work on the front lines with survivors and in-country team members. In 2014, Eva returned to resume her work in finance and administration. In 2016, she joined the executive leadership team and, in 2022, was named our CFO.

Between her years in Cambodia and past work experience in schools, libraries and banks, Eva brings a wholehearted devotion and a commitment to detail and precision in overseeing Destiny Rescue USA’s finances and compliance. She aims to ensure we’re wisely stewarding every dollar to rescue as many kids as possible while maintaining financial stability.

Eva has a degree in not-for-profit leadership and is pursuing a master’s in nonprofit management with a focus on nonprofit finances. 

Through watching thousands give their time and talent to combatting child trafficking and exploitation, Eva has seen firsthand and personally experienced how joining this fight brings hope and healing not only to the kids being rescued but also to those who donate, volunteer and pray for this work.

“Whether it’s a widow’s mite or Solomon’s treasury, one talent or five, God equips each of His people to give.”



Jill has a vibrant passion for people. Whether it’s the kids we rescue or her coworker in the office next door, she is energized by seeing people grow, succeed and step into everything God has created them to be. 

Years ago, Jill heard of a friend’s experience overseas helping children medically recover from being sex trafficked. A burden for these kids was laid on Jill’s heart that she couldn’t shake. After meeting one of our team members and learning about our work, Jill led the team in several culture development sessions. Jill’s heart was gripped—she offered her volunteer services to do anything she could to continue to help. She was soon approached with a job description and became our Director of People and Culture in 2019.

Jill has a degree in public relations as well as an MBA. With a rich background in church communications, nonprofit consulting and executive leadership training, Jill is equipped to nurture team growth and optimize relational dynamics. 

She is dedicated to creating environments where individuals feel empowered, valued and motivated to succeed. Her vision extends beyond mere professional growth, emphasizing the importance of cultivating strong relationships and fostering a culture of collaboration.

Jill enjoys helping each team member grasp the depth of impact their daily tasks have on kids across the globe.

“I cannot imagine my own kids going through what hundreds of thousands of kids go through every day—I cannot live without doing something about it.”



Stemming from his own story of abuse as a minor, Cory has a passion for seeing children find lasting freedom from sexual exploitation. Since 2012, he’s been a key spokesperson for Destiny Rescue, speaking to audiences on behalf of trafficked children around the globe.  

From his earlier days as Destiny Rescue’s senior writer and international media director in Thailand, Cory has traveled extensively across Asia and Africa visiting Destiny Rescue’s work on the ground. With frontline undercover rescue experience and interaction with survivors, he has witnessed many kids’ lives transformed firsthand—including the life-changing experience of helping lead nearly 60 child survivors to Christ. 

As a fund development professional, Cory provides leadership oversight and coaching to his teams and has helped empower them to fundraise millions to rescue kids and help them stay free. In 2021, he played a key role in spearheading—and currently oversees—Destiny Rescue’s foundation partnerships department and artist speaker program.

Cory draws passion from his extensive speaking background and personal ministry to lead Destiny Rescue’s strategic partnerships division.

“As followers of Christ, we’ve been rescued to rescue, and restored to restore others.”

USA Board Members

Destiny Rescue’s board members provide advice on policy, advocacy, fundraising and public relations



General Manager, Essential AG Products 

Bernard brings a wealth of international experience and a deep commitment to helping children to his role on the Destiny Rescue board. His background—which includes growing up in Zimbabwe, studying engineering in Scotland and working for CTB Inc. (a Berkshire Hathaway Company)—has afforded him a broad perspective on global issues.

His travels and experiences living in various countries have shaped his understanding of the world’s challenges, particularly those faced by vulnerable children. His association with organizations dedicated to the health, development and education of orphans underscores his passion for making a positive difference in the lives of disadvantaged youth.

Bernard realizes the urgency of helping the world’s children, stating that they are our future. The call in James 1:27 to look after orphans and widows burns in Bernard’s heart—two people groups who, in the past, had no advocates to stand up for them. Bernard shares that he strongly believes in the strength of Destiny Rescue’s model in preventing, rescuing and rehabilitating children from sex trafficking.  

“Changing the world one child at a time.”


Director of Engagement, Destiny Rescue USA

Chris has been a pastor since 1993. His greatest desire is to help people connect with God’s purpose and plan for their lives. After leading a church that partnered with Destiny Rescue for years, Chris joined the Destiny Rescue Board of Directors in June 2017 to help empower children’s God-given destinies. He joined the staff at Destiny Rescue in February 2019 and serves as the Director of Engagement, where he finds tremendous joy in helping people discover their best “Yes!” in joining this fight to rescue kids. 

When it comes to fighting against the injustice of child trafficking and exploitation, Chris believes the Church cannot take a back seat on the issue and has a key role to play in the liberation of children. His experience and passion provide the board insight on how to engage the Church in the mission of Destiny Rescue. 

“The stakes are too high for any of us to simply sit on the sideline and hope somebody else will step up.”


Partner, Insight Accounting Group



President & Founder, Destiny Rescue International

Tony Kirwan has always had a heart for the poor and needy. About two decades ago, he ran a feeding program and was involved in a youth ministry in Australia.

God then placed a desire in him to see children free from poverty and abuse, and after running his own electrical contracting company for ten years, he sold everything and began Destiny Rescue in 2001.

Tony believes in leading from the front. Residing in Thailand, he and his teams around the world are actively involved in the rescue of children from the sex industry and building an organization that combats this illegal trade.

“In abundance, we’ll rescue. In scarcity, we’ll rescue. When we’re tired, we’ll rescue. We have no ‘plan B’.”



Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Rick has worked as a financial advisor since 2013. With his previous experience being 17 years in education, Rick places high value on prioritizing the well-being of children.

At a Rotary event in Goshen, Indiana, the harrowing issue of child trafficking was brought to his attention by a Destiny Rescue staff member—this ignited his deep-seated concern for kids around the world and their safety.

In response, Rick spearheaded a committee alongside fellow Rotarians. Together, they organized a Freedom Walk event to raise funds to rescue kids.

Motivated by a profound commitment to continue making a difference, Rick joined the Destiny Rescue Board of Directors in 2023 to help fuel the ongoing mission of rescuing kids and empowering their freedom.

“I have a father’s heart for these girls who need to be rescued.”


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