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We rescue children from sexual exploitation and human trafficking and help them stay free.

Rescue changes everything.

Together, we can usher children out of the darkness of exploitation and into the light of freedom, making bright futures possible for kids around the globe.

Who we are

Destiny Rescue is a global Christian non-governmental organization (NGO) that has restored hope to thousands of children enduring sexual exploitation and human trafficking through rescue operations and reintegration programming operated in regions throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America.

By building strong partnerships with government entities, law enforcement and like-minded organizations, we continue to expand our work and offer freedom to children in need across the globe.

We’re so grateful thousands of survivors have bravely accepted that offer and are continuing their journey toward freedom.

Rescue alone doesn’t ensure freedom.

Post-rescue, a survivor’s next steps are determined based on his or her unique situation, including the vulnerabilities that led to exploitation and local legal procedure.

When a child enters our care, we carefully address each unique vulnerability that led to her exploitation.

Each survivor enrolled in our programming receives support to return to school or achieve financial independence. During their enrollment, children participate in dynamic trauma resilience training and hear the saving message of the gospel.

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Our fight for freedom spans over two decades

Since 2001, we’ve been changing lives for children who are trapped in sexual exploitation. Watch our agents go undercover to seek out those in need and offer hope and healing.

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Fighting for freedom around the world


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