Four girls were rescued together at a border crossing. None of them had any idea that the bus they were on was about to cross the border into a different country.

Kira* is a vibrant 19-year-old who loves to sing and dance. She helps her family by earning a little extra money performing in cultural dance programs. Earlier this year, after one of her performances she was approached by a man, Rabb*, claiming to own a dance company. They exchanged numbers and she shared about her love of dance and her family’s financial struggles. Rabb told her he owned a dance bar only a few towns away where she could perform as a featured dancer and earn more in two days than what her father brought home each month. Rabb told her to share this news with her friends and he could hire them too.

This could be the break her family needed! Not wanting to keep such good fortune to herself she shared about the job opportunity with two of her friends. Both eagerly accepted the offer.

Rabb instructed all three of them to meet him at a bus station and together they would go to his dance bar. When the girls arrived at the station Rabb was there with another girl, 17-year-old Bri*. She appeared nervous but seemed to relax as they all came together. On the bus they learned she was also a dancer and had been approached by Rabb after dancing at a wedding only a few weeks ago. He had offered her the same job as them. All were excited to use their dancing to earn such an impressive wage!

Along the journey the bus pulled over and a few of our agents began to ask passengers questions. Our agent approached and asked the group of girls about their travel plans. They told her that they were dancers heading to a nearby town for a new job. Hearing this, our agents were immediately on alert. They informed the girls they were not headed towards that town but were in fact at a border crossing and about to enter a different country entirely.

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