#irescue Videos

Join with people around the world as they rise up and take action against child sex trafficking.

#irescue – Lemonade and Bracelets

Kelsey and Adie are friends who want children like them to be safe. Using their entrepreneurial spirit, they raised money to rescue kids. They are an inspiration and show there is no age limit in rescuing children from exploitation.

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#irescue – Running to Rescue

Julie Berry had no interest in running marathons. She was approached by a friend who was raising money to rescue children from sex trafficking through training for a marathon. She joined the group and has never looked back. She has found personal healing and grown her faith while raising enough money to set 58 kids free.

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#irescue – Motorcycle Rescue Run

The Indiana Crossroads Crew of the Disciple Christian Motorcycle Club hosted a motorcycle ride and concert to rescue children from the sex trade.

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#irescue – Puppy Breeding

Caroline Calloway saw the realities of child sex trafficking firsthand while traveling with Destiny Rescue on a team trip. She felt led to do something for those enslaved. She didn’t have much, but she did have labrador retrievers and a litter of puppies.

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