You Are Beautiful

An inspirational documentary from Destiny Rescue

Marginalized young women and children from Thailand’s hill tribes are among the most likely to fall victim to the fastest-growing criminal enterprise in Thailand. “You Are Beautiful” documents an astonishing transformation after a young life’s rescued from the cruelty and brokenness of human trafficking.
Seventeen-year-old Em was sold by her impoverished parents into bar work in northern Thailand. Here, she was expected to compromise herself sexually to earn money to send back to her family. Feeling betrayed and abandoned by those she loved the most, Em was beyond despair when Destiny Rescue undercover operatives found her and offered a way out of her hopeless situation.
Passionate about ethical storytelling, Destiny Rescue has let the film unfold in the words of this young and courageous survivor of sexual exploitation. This is the story Em wanted to tell. It is her compelling, inspiring and challenging account of the evil of human trafficking and the hope found in Christ through those working to find, rescue and rehabilitate young women and children just like her.

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