Watch the “Operation Goldilocks” documentary live stream on Thursday, February 29th at 8 PM EST!

We’re livestreaming our “Operation Goldilocks” film, containing footage following our team conducting a raid alongside police to rescue kids from traffickers. Once the film concludes, the lead rescue agent of this operation will join the stream, share his experience and answer questions live!

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Are you planning to show this film to students or families and need to know what the film contains in advance? You can download this overview sheet which lays out anything in the film you may need to be aware of. If you need to watch the actual film in advance, email our team member at [email protected].


During a chance encounter on the streets of Metro Manila, Philippines, our team uncovers a child trafficking ring operated by a ruthless female pimp. But as the Destiny Rescue team begins to build their case against her, an unexpected turn of events forces them to think outside the box. In a race against time, hidden cameras capture their creative efforts to lure the pimp into a trap set from over 1,500 miles away.


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After watching, pray together as a group for kids awaiting rescue, our rescue agents and staff and survivors healing from trauma,

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February 29

Join Destiny Rescue for a livestream event featuring a live viewing of a groundbreaking documentary that follows a real raid that rescued kids from traffickers. 

You’ll get the chance to view “Operation Goldilocks” and get exclusive behind-the-scenes commentary and a live Q&A session from the lead rescue agent on the case!



Discover how you can take action and rescue kids