Cambodian girl rescued before she could be exploited

A 15-year-old girl was preparing to work the city nightlife when our agents stepped in.

Desperate to pay off family debts, she was looking for a job when some villagers suggested she move to the city and work at night for good money—which is commonly sex work. Our agents acted quickly, finding her a stable job. Now, instead of being abused every night by predators, she is working safely at a local bakery.

It can be very difficult for girls to get out of bars and brothels. To read about how one girl became a rescuer to save her sister, read more on our blog.

Pictured, the child (second from left) and other clients in community care pose together after class.

Rescue Update Archive

Raid rescues 36 people in South Asia

36 people, including 29 children, were rescued from horrific captivity during a single raid in collaboration with law enforcement.

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After being tipped off to suspicious activity in a particular building, our brave rescue agents posed as utility workers who needed to check something within the structure. Continue reading.

Six Children Rescued in South Asia

Three separate raids rescue six girls from sex trafficking.

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Raids rescue 10 in the Philippines from sex trafficking

Two raids in collaboration with Filipino law enforcement rescued ten people, half of whom were children, from sex trafficking.

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Those children were between 15 and 17 years old. Both raids took place on the same day and led to the arrest of two traffickers. To read about another case in the Philippines that led to two arrests in the same day, visit our blog.

27 rescued in the Dominican Republic

Our collaborations with law enforcement over the summer rescued 21 children and six adults in the Dominican Republic.

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Our agents in the Dominican Republic have been busy! Working in collaboration with law enforcement, our teams were part of 20 operations that rescued 27 people between 8 and 34 years old.

19 perpetrators were arrested in these operations.

To read more about our increased caseload in the area, click here.

14 children rescued from sex trafficking in Asia

14 girls, all between the ages of 13 and 17, were rescued from sexual exploitation.

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Most of these children, who are now safe in one of our Residential Care homes, were forced to sell their bodies just to keep from starving. To learn how we offer freedom in these situations, read here.