31 people were rescued from human traffickers at the Nepal Border

Our heroic border agents stopped human traffickers from escaping the country with 31 victims!

The traffickers had targeted victims of all ages, most of whom were young adults, but we also managed to rescue 5 children. Two of the children, just 2 and 7 years old, were being trafficked out with their mothers.

Traffickers in Nepal lure their victims with promises of love, lucrative careers, or a better life. Once our agents shed light on their true purpose, victims and their families rarely prosecute the criminals because of the shame that comes with the admission.

But one of these brave families decided to press charges this time, and the trafficker was arrested! We hope more families will follow their lead in putting these traffickers behind bars. You can read more about Rescue at the border on our blog.

Rescue Update Archive

39 People Rescued Throughout Asia

Thirty-nine people were rescued from various types of trafficking across Asia.

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Our agents have been busy! In one nation, nine men and women were rescued from international labor trafficking. In Thailand, we worked with law enforcement to rescue eight women and children from sex exploitation. And in Nepal, another 27 people, two-thirds of them children, were rescued by our stalwart border agents. Join us in celebrating their freedom!

3 Boys Rescued from Suspected Organ Traffickers

Three young boys were rescued at the Nepal border before traffickers could get them across.

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A 20-year-old trafficker lied to three young friends in an apparent attempt at organ trafficking. The trafficker promised the two 10-year-olds and 7-year-old easy living if they’d just meet him across the border. Fortunately, our border agents stopped them in time and called their parents, who confirmed that the children had snuck away. Our team counselled the families on the dangers of trafficking before the families returned home.

While details are still coming in, early evidence suggests that this might have been a case of attempted organ trafficking.

23 girls now safe from exploitation in Kenya

23 girls between 8 and 16 years old are free from sexual exploitation in Kenya.

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Most of the survivors in this region are forced into selling themselves just so they can afford their next meal. To get into the shoes of a girl faced with this harsh reality, read more here. All of these kids are now enrolled in their own individualized Freedom Plans to help them recover from exploitation and stay free.

47 Victims Intercepted at the Nepal Border

47 people, over half of them children, were rescued at the Nepal border earlier this year.

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Our team of border agents has been working tirelessly to stem the tide of victims being trafficked out of Nepal. Lured by fabricated relationships or fake job offers, these hopeful individuals are rendered powerless and subjected to exploitation once across the border. Thanks to our agents and the survivors’ bravery, these 47 won’t have to face those horrors.

22 People Rescued from Exploitation in the Dominican Republic

Sixteen cases brought to us by local law enforcement led to freedom for 21 children and one adult in the Dominican Republic earlier this year.

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