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The Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country comprising about 7000 islands in the western Pacific Ocean.

Human trafficking in the country is a lucrative and dangerous trade – some pimps are armed and heavily guarded.

Population: 106M

Language: Filipino

Capital: Manila

Sex trafficking
and exploitation


The need to rescue children from sex trafficking in the Philippines is urgent.

According to the International Labour Organization, there are at least one million children forced into commercial sexual exploitation. Seventy-three percent of those are found in the Asia and Pacific region.

Perpetrators use the tourism industry to prey upon vulnerable women and children, forcing them into a life of slavery and repeated abuse.

Our Work in the Philippines

Large-scale Raids

Our rescue agents identify child sex trafficking victims and gather the evidence needed to build a legal case against their traffickers. We then, along with local and federal law enforcement, raid the sex establishment to free victims, arrest offenders and shut down the place.

Post Rescue

Once rescued, we work alongside government social workers to ensure we meet the child’s immediate needs including temporary housing, care and essential items.

Anti-trafficking Expertise

We have helped rescue children, and even adults, from various types of trafficking in the country such as labor and cybersex trafficking. Our team’s expertise is recognized, used, and valued by law enforcement.

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We operate rescue, reintegration and some prevention programs in seven countries across the world. Learn more about our mission to help end child sexual exploitation and trafficking in our lifetime.

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