About our Work

We are committed to fighting
for their freedom together.

Destiny Rescue is committed to meeting the needs of each child that we rescue from a life of sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

In order to meet those needs, we work with a number of organizations and entities in the fight against child sexual exploitation and human trafficking. The relationships include formal and informal partnerships as well as many collaborative arrangements with like-minded organizations including ministries, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and government and law-enforcement agencies.


We thrive on strong, local partnerships on the ground in every nation we serve.

Destiny Rescue International leadership undertakes a due diligence process to vet and validate each partner. It is during this process that we assess the risks involved in public recognition of our work together.

Many caring individuals will cross each child’s path as they walk their path to freedom from a life of exploitation. These individuals typically fall into the following categories:

Formal Partners

Formal Partners are those bound by written agreements, MOUs and oftentimes funding arrangements. In order to protect these partners, our teams and the children we serve, we generally do not publicly recognize these partners.

Informal Partners

Informal Partners are those we work with closely, but without a written agreement. Some of these partners enable us to fly under the radar while expediting our rescue and reintegration efforts.

Nonprofit Partners

In addition to our partners, we collaborate with many like-minded non-profit organizations. These relationships usually show themselves while collaborating on a rescue operation or in determining the best post-rescue care options. Like-minded organizations often provide services like aftercare, financial, employment/vocational training, just to name a few.

International Staff

Work on the ground cannot be done without local people who are passionate about our work. Over 90% of our international staff are local to the region they serve. We are thankful for their skills, invaluable cultural insights, and relentless pursuit of freedom each day.

Community Partners

Community partners help the children we rescue walk their path toward freedom in many different ways. Examples include business owners who offer apprenticeships to children enrolled in our vocational training programs, foster parents who open their homes to children that have no home to return to, and churches that lovingly encourage and disciple survivors.

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