The counselor’s phone rang. Not sure who was calling, she answered immediately. On the line was Srey Ny*, a girl who lived in a Destiny Rescue project in Cambodia over two years ago. Now fully reintegrated and living in her home village again, Srey Ny was calling to give an update on her life.

During Srey Ny’s time in our project, she had opened up to us and shared her story. When she was a young girl, a neighbor had tricked her and taken advantage of her. Afterward, Srey Ny felt overwhelming shame and confusion. She didn’t know if she could go back to her family after what had happened. The neighbor bought her a bus ticket and told her to run away. Srey Ny ended up in an unfamiliar city, and the only place she knew to go was a guesthouse the neighbor had told her about. The owner of the guesthouse exploited Srey Ny too, telling her that she had no choice because she had no money and nowhere else to go.

As time went on, Srey Ny’s situation seemed more and more hopeless. She didn’t know what to do or how to get home. Srey Ny’s grandmother discovered where she was and pleaded with her to return to her village, but she was afraid she would bring shame to her family. She didn’t know if she could go back after what had been done to her.

Srey Ny’s grandmother finally convinced her to visit home for a few days. While she was visiting, her grandmother encouraged her to testify in court against one of the men who had taken advantage of her. Little did they know, this court case would turn out to be one of the biggest pedophile trials in Cambodia. Srey Ny was one of over a dozen children who would come forward to testify against this man.

During the court case, Srey Ny was brought to Destiny Rescue for protection and to begin healing. While in our care she came to know Jesus and began to have hope for her future. She started our vocational training program and decided she wanted to learn to sew. She worked hard and excelled in her classes. Srey Ny was a huge advocate for all the girls who came into our care. She encouraged and cheered on the other girls, telling them what a great opportunity they had if they were willing to put in some effort.

Tears of joy welled up in the counselor’s eyes as Srey Ny spoke about how her life has changed since she graduated from our program. She was excited to share about the joy and peace she feels because of everything Jesus has done in her life.

Srey Ny found a job sewing clothes in a garment factory, and now, only two years later, she is a supervisor there. She oversees four groups of managers and looks after more than 200 employees. She loves to encourage and lead them, just like she did with the other girls at Destiny Rescue.

She also has a family of her own! Srey Ny is married to a man who protects her, cares for her and loves her very much. Together they built a home and recently welcomed their first child, a boy, into the world.

Srey Ny told the counselor how grateful she is to Destiny Rescue for the opportunities we provided her and the part we played in her journey.

This is just one of many success stories Destiny Rescue has been privileged to play a role in. We’re so thrilled to celebrate Srey Ny’s life and share her story with you! Success stories like Srey Ny’s wouldn’t be possible without your prayers, support and generosity. Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

*Names have been changed to protect the individuals in this story.

Written by: Joshua Hulkkonen