SBS Dateline recently joined Destiny Rescue’s Founder and President Tony Kirwan, along with our International Rescue Director, rescue team, and local law enforcement… on the sex-trade frontline in the Philippines.

After months of investigation and gathering actionable evidence, Destiny Rescue and The Philippines National Police moved in on a multi bar and brothel compound owned by a retired politician, and conducted an undercover raid.

Sixty-seven women were identified by police as victims of trafficking, and rescued. Added to this, there were 11 pre-emptive rescues of minors. This terminology is used when we are unable to verify sexual exploitation. In this context, the 11 babies and toddlers were obviously at-risk of harm, so were recorded as pre-emptive rescues. That’s a total of 78 rescues, in our largest raid to date! Watch the full story on YouTube.

These 78 lives are now protected from sexual predators and the degradation of human trafficking. They now have a voice against victimisation. And they are now empowered to make self-directed choices for their futures.

Beyond a Brothel

Our rescue efforts are just the beginning of the healing and restoration process. These women and their children will need assistance to recover and thrive independently.

Local social workers from Provincial Social Welfare and Development have come alongside each young woman, supporting them in choices of safety, education, vocational training, counselling, life skills, and healthcare. This is a home-based support program, which also offers each trafficking survivor a family assistance allowance.

Aftercare Referrals

Destiny Rescue works diligently to ensure any rescue referral made outside our own Aftercare and Reintegration Programs are to other qualified Aftercare Providers. We choose to partner with services that align with our values, and who integrate the methods of trauma-informed care that our own specialists provide within Destiny Rescue.

The SBS documentary featured another organisation called Preda. Destiny Rescue applauds organisations working sincerely to fight against child sexual exploitation, and we acknowledge that results can be achieved using different techniques. However, the ‘Primal Therapy Session’ portrayed by Preda is not a method endorsed by Destiny Rescue; and we don’t refer any of our clients to Preda. Read our official statement regarding Preda.

Gathering Momentum

Since this raid in March 2018, Destiny Rescue has found and freed 52 trafficked children in the Philippines.

We desire to see long-term change through our efforts. Our vision is to end the sexual exploitation and trafficking of children in our lifetime.

The job is relentless. We have to be as hardworking as these pimps. We have to outsmart them, outmaneuver them and outthink them. It doesn’t stop. And we won’t stop. Onto the next case… Onto the next rescue… These kids are waiting out there for us.

Destiny Rescue Undercover Operative

Thank you…

We appreciate your entrusted donations. Your ongoing support keeps us searching, finding, rescuing. Read more about our Aftercare Services.

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