Recently, we shared the inspiring story of Hamisi (Ha-mi-si), a brave child trafficking survivor from Kenya who chose to drive forward in life despite a mountain of difficulties.
After the death of her parents, this bright student was entrapped and abused before learning that she was pregnant. But instead of giving in to despair, she chose rescue and pressed on with incredible determination.
You can read her full story here, but we didn’t include everything she said in that post.

Near the end of her interview, Hamisi directed her words to other girls who can relate to her pain. 

In today’s post, we want to share Hamisi’s advice and encouragement for other victims of human trafficking, particularly girls who’ve become pregnant as a result. To fully understand what she’s endured, we highly recommend reading the first part of her interview before this one for context.

Free, but haunted

As she sits during her interview, Hamisi cradles the sweet baby she once thought would stifle her future. She’s already spoken about losing her parents, about the manipulative man who deceived and exploited her, about contemplating abortion when she found out she was pregnant. But she’s also talked about the rescue agents who slowly gained her trust, her choice to accept freedom and the wonderful care she received after rescue.

But rescue isn’t instantaneous; it’s a process that’s different for every child.

To ensure a child’s freedom from exploitation, all Destiny Rescue rescue regions in Africa develop Freedom Plans, which may include economic assistance, vocational training, and other benefits that fit their unique needs

For Hamisi, the freedom to get an education without the financial assistance of the man who exploited her was an incredible blessing. Unfortunately, it also presented a unique, painful new set of challenges. 

“When I was in this school, it was really hard,” Hamisi said. “People were looking and talking about me as if they knew me.”

Because Hamisi made the courageous choice to keep her child, her pregnancy became more obvious daily. Without knowing (or asking) about what led to her situation, other students made unwarranted assumptions about Hamisi’s character. 

Hamisi lowered her voice, remembering how the other students made her feel: “They were lowering my self-esteem.” 

The brave survivor was still processing what had happened to her, learning to maneuver through life while managing the frightful trauma she’d endured. 

Facing persecution from her fellow students and even some of the teachers made her efforts even more difficult. “Studying was so hard when people were saying rude things and bad things about (me),” she recalled, her voice thick with emotion.

“I felt so discouraged. I could not even work in the school compound,” Hamisi said. 

Ostracized by the other students, the diligent student had to study by herself. “I would sit alone, (with) a lot of pressure on my mind,” Hamisi said, frowning. “It was a really hard journey.”

According to UNICEF, before the worldwide spread of COVID-19, nationwide enrollment in secondary education was only 53% in Kenya (Image is representational)

Then her expression suddenly softens. “But my Destiny (Rescue) Helpers, they were there for me.” 

No longer alone

Though her fellow students ostracized and persecuted her, Hamisi had a strong, loving support system to fall back on that wasn’t there before. 

“They encouraged me. They made sure I was in school without missing any lessons,” she said of the “Destiny Helpers”, which is how she referred to Destiny Rescue staff. 

At a time of such monumental stress, our team provided her with a solid foundation of love, stability and hope that motivated Hamisi to drive forward. “They watched over me. They would come and ensure that I was safe.”

Perhaps just as importantly, Hamisi could safely confide in them.

They heard me. They gave me a shoulder to cry on. They gave me hope to continue living.

Destiny Rescue staff in Kenya pose with survivors after a 2023 graduation ceremony

Now, Hamisi is passionate about sharing that hope with other girls who’ve been exploited or are facing pregnancy at a young age.

“The journey of being pregnant and young is not something easy,” Hamisi said, recalling how the world seemed to close in around her. “The environment is so small for you.” 

But despite these harsh realities, Hamisi has a message to spread:

To the girls out there that may pass through the same situation that I’m undergoing: do not give up!

Hamisi knows the struggle. She knows what it is to feel trapped, alone and desperate for some way out. In the darkest moments of her distress, Hamisi battled thoughts of suicide. Just before she was rescued, she was making plans to abort her baby. 

But this incredibly strong girl recognizes that those are empty avenues of escape, not progression. 

Instead, Hamisi implores other suffering girls to take action based on future hopes, not current struggles.

“Don’t do things that you’ll say later, ‘I wish…,’” Hamisi says. “Don’t use the term ‘I wish,’ but say ‘I must.’”


What matters is… tomorrow,” she said. “Let’s leave the past behind.”

Hamisi gave a speech at her graduation from Destiny Rescue programming

Hamisi is exemplifying that perspective. Even as she cares for her baby, she’s diligently pursuing her education in the hopes of becoming a lawyer. “… So I can defend any girl that is undergoing the same situation that I am passing through; so that I can help those girls who are molested, those girls people are using… those girls who feel like they don’t belong to the world.

Instead of dwelling on the evil she’s suffered, Hamisi concludes the interview by accepting responsibility for her future. Her confidence and determination are a call to arms for others overcoming trauma:

If I give up, I shut out my dream. But if I rise up and continue moving, I can be whatever I want. Nobody can stop me.

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