When it comes to fighting child sex trafficking and human trafficking in general, you may feel at a loss for what you can do to help. Everyone has to start somewhere, which is why we’re giving you six easy tasks you can take on and join the fight today.
Educate Yourself

Read up and listen to experts on and veterans of the world of trafficking. Get familiar with the terminology as well as red flags and common predatory patterns. Traffickers’ tactics are often masked in the mundane, so it is important to know what to look for.

Download our Field Guide for a quick reference on statistics, myths and facts as well as terms to know regarding child sex trafficking

Check out the powerful stories of rescue and hope on our blog for first-hand accounts about this global issue.

Keep reading! Organizations such as  Polaris Project, Walk Free, and the National Center on Exploitation also generate very informative and relevant content about this issue in our world today.

Engage Through a Lens of Humility

Having conversations about human trafficking provides opportunities to learn and grow as well as to break the silence and stigma that surrounds this issue. Remember to approach these conversations thoughtfully, knowing that the cases discussed are not mere statistics, but the stories of human beings. Still want a little more guidance? Check out for our next blog for some reflection questions to ask yourself before engaging this issue in conversation.

Stand Up & Stand Out

There is no denying the ripple effects of our over-sexualized culture. One aspect that sticks out as particularly harmful is pornography. The porn industry’s obsession with young-looking girls, violence, and scenarios of abuse shapes viewers’ minds and the world around us, creating a heightened demand for exactly what sex traffickers are offering. Repeated exposure to these extremes also leads to desensitization, a normalization of abuse and a lack of empathy.¹ Each of us, as individuals, can make choices about what we consume as well as whether truth is spoken into conversations where the topic arises. Your actions and voice matter. Choose to stand out by standing up for what you know is true.

Turn Awareness into Action

The sex-trafficking industry generates $11 million in profit every hour. ² Combatting this giant takes a great deal of resources. That’s why we always appreciate it when people get creative and host fundraisers for our mission. Not only is hosting a fundraiser an opportunity to educate your community about this issue, but the funds you raise will help make the next rescue possible!

Like this idea? Here are some ideas to get started today!


Our mission is to rescue children and help them stay free. This is a tall order that’s only made taller by the fact that we are fighting an industry with near-unlimited resources. The more funds we receive, the more rescue missions and reintegration efforts we can carry out. By choosing to be a Rescue Partner and make a monthly donation, you will be directly contributing to fighting human trafficking day in and day out. Your donation, whether it’s five dollars or five-hundred dollars, empowers rescue agents and social workers to move forward with confidence that the children they work with today will be able to be cared for tomorrow. Scroll down to become a rescue partner.

Rest. Then Keep Going.

If the realities of the darkness we are fighting start to weigh you down, try to steep yourself in some hope for a while. Reading the success stories and reintegration stories on our blog can be quite helpful! Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged by all the work that has yet to be done. Every conversation, dollar, and educated mind makes a difference. Your efforts are changing lives.

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2. International Labour Organization, 2014; the sex industry generates $99 Billion per year. 99,000,000,000 / 8760 [hours in a year] = 11 million.