Look into
her eyes

And let her know rescue is coming



“I did not feel comfortable working in that bar, as I was only 14 years old. The men would look at me with frightening lust in their eyes.”

We invite you to see what she sees, and help get her out as soon as possible.



Look through the eyes of a rescue agent

And imagine the horrific sights he sees as children are sold to be abused


Latest Rescues

Three boys, ages 8, 9 and 11, have been rescued from sexual abuse and are receiving care.
Six boys, ages 12 to 17, have all returned home and are reunited with their families.
16 women and girls, one only 13 years old, were rescued along the border of Nepal.

We exist to rescue kids from sex trafficking and
exploitation and help them stay free.


Night after night, our agents enter some of the darkest places on the planet to find and rescue children trapped in sexual exploitation or trafficking.

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When we are able, we identify what made a child
vulnerable to exploitation, and then help them and their family overcome it and thrive.

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Real impact. Real lives.

Because of people like you, progress is being made.

10,000+ lives set free

Operations in ten countries around the world

250+ volunteers and staff serving around the clock to rescue kids and help them stay free

You can rescue and make an impact today.
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