Progress five months after rescue

Our undercover rescue team conducted an operation to bring down a child trafficking ring in Manila, Philippines—rescuing 11 children. We hope this 15-minute documentary will inspire you as you learn about the progress and recovery of these brave survivors, as well as their personal reflections and restored hope for a better future.

*due to mature subject matter, this film may not be suitable for children under the age of 16*



IN 2020

An increase in raids

Trafficking is a lucrative and dangerous industry in the Philippines, taking on aspects of organized crime. 

Our team of highly-trained agents work directly with anti-trafficking law enforcement to rescue children being exploited and to arrest perpetrators. Our agents often gather intelligence regarding the exploitation of children and then bring it to the police where the case then becomes a collaborative effort. 

In quarter two of 2021 (April-June), our team conducted twice as many raids as the previous quarter. In nine raid operations, 84 individuals were rescued with 23 being children and three being male. 

Even with COVID-19 limitations, 139 individuals were rescued through raid operations in 2020. None of this would be possible without our partnership with people like you. 

I needed to be rescued so that abuse could not continue in my life. I am really happy here because a lot of people are now taking good care of me.”


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