What We Do

Restore the abused

Every child is unique - so is her aftercare!

Rescuing a child is just the first step toward recovery. The journey that follows requires much healing and restoration – rebuilding a life emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

If rescue is the starters gun, restoration is the marathon.

Our main calling is to rescue children out of exploitation and our deepest desire is to see them stay free. At Destiny Rescue, our aftercare goal is to equip and empower children who come into our care with an education and the tools necessary to safeguard themselves and their families from future exploitation. Each interaction we have with them is an opportunity to tangibly show them the love of Jesus and live out our Gospel calling. We aim to empower each child to thrive and grow towards becoming contributing members of their community, with the support of their family wherever possible. As we have come alongside each child we have learned that healing and restoration can take place in many different ways and as a result, our programs are tailored to meet the individual needs of each child in their local context.

We provide individualized and scalable programs in the following three categories.

  • Our Home: Residential care in a Destiny Rescue (or like-minded organization’s) aftercare home.
  • Her Home: Community-based program helping children return safely home supported with caseworker followup visits and assistance.
  • New Home: Semi-independent living under the care and support of a caseworker.

With more options than ever before, girls are better able to thrive in an environment best suited to their ultimate healing and safety. You can learn more about these three options and our approach to aftercare in this article.

Not all of the children we rescue come into our care. In some circumstances our homes are not suited to the specialized needs of some children so we coordinate with other like-minded organizations better equipped to care for their specific needs, e.g. boys. In raid situations the aftercare referrals are handled by government officials and children are not always placed in our care.

A proper education and vocational training are key components for successful reintegration back into society.

A key aspect of aftercare is repairing the vulnerability that lead to the exploitation from which they were rescued. Often that vulnerability has to do with finances. One of the main ways to combat this is through education and vocational training. Once an older child has these skills they are set up for a sustainable and safe future.

Like all of us, children need unconditional love. At Destiny Rescue we go out of our way to make every child feel loved, valued and esteemed the way their Heavenly Father intends.  Many of them see God’s faithfulness through answered prayer and hear of His amazing power through personal testimonies, which in turn, compels a large number of them to enter a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

Because of all our faithful supporters, we’re able to bring freedom, hope and restoration to hundreds of children once enslaved in the sex-trade industry.