What We Do

Restore the abused

Every child is unique, and so is her reintegration!
If rescue is the starters gun, restoration is the marathon.

Rescue is the first step to a life of freedom. We offer a range of reintegration services to help survivors stay free. Reintegration teams work alongside rescue teams providing individualized support and solutions to the children we rescue.

Our reintegration is: individualized, culturally relevant, family-centric, trauma-informed, future-focused. We work to identify what left a child vulnerable to exploitation then provide opportunities for her and her family to overcome and thrive.

Residential Care: Children come to live in a Destiny Rescue, or like-minded organizations*, reintegration home.

Community Care: This is a community-based program to help children return safely home, supported with follow-up visits and assistance from a caseworker.

*Government officials handle reintegration placements after raid operations.

Every life is worthy of freedom. We are blessed to be able to rescue boys, girls and adults. To best serve, restore and empower all of these brave individuals, not every person who we rescue comes into our care. For example, when we rescue boys we currently do not have homes that are suited to care for boys, so we coordinate with a like-minded organization that is better equipped to care for their unique needs.

After Rescue

What happens after rescue varies depending on the rescue situation and the needs of the child.

  • Whenever possible, rescued children receive individualized services through our reintegration programs in residential or community care.
  • In certain rescue situations, the government authorities manage a child’s reintegration placement. In some cases, they assign children into our care or of a like-minded organization.
  • When we rescue boys or individuals with specialized needs, we facilitate their placement with one of our partner homes or other like-minded organizations as our reintegration facilities are set up to care for only girls.

Residential Care

Our reintegration homes are set up to meet the daily needs of rescued children and help them step into a bright future.  This care varies depending on location and could include:

-Language classes

-Life-skills training

-Trauma-informed counseling

-Discipleship class

-Health education

-Vocational training

-Higher education

-Job searching and acquisition


Community Care

A healthy family is an ideal environment for a child to thrive. Our caseworkers assess the child’s living situation before deciding for community care.

If the home passes multiple reviews, a child can return to their family or a relative instead of living in one of our reintegration homes. Children still maintain consistent contact with a caseworker and follow individualized care plans. In community care, Destiny Rescue provides unique services for a child’s situation, such as:

– Educational scholarships to attend school

– Financial assistance for specialized needs

– In-person visits, video calls or phone calls from their caseworker

– The chance to attend events in our nearby reintegration homes (Discipleship, Health Education and more!)

– Vocational training

– Higher education

– Job searching and acquisition

A proper education and vocational training are key components for successful reintegration back into society.

Bright Futures

Aftercare solutions are all focused on reintegration. Reintegration is a safe return to an independent life as a child was meant to live it. This does not imply ties are entirely severed. In fact, caseworkers often stay in contact with girls long after their reintegration.


A proper education and vocational training are key components for successful reintegration back into society.

A key aspect of reintegration is repairing the vulnerability that leads to the exploitation from which they were rescued. Often that vulnerability has to do with finances. One of the main ways to combat this is through education and vocational training. Once an older child has these skills they are set up for a sustainable and safe future.

Like all of us, children need unconditional love. At Destiny Rescue, we go out of our way to make every child feel loved, valued and esteemed the way their heavenly Father intends.  Many of them see God’s faithfulness through answered prayer and hear of His amazing power through personal testimonies, which in turn, compels a large number of them to enter a personal relationship with Jesus Christ!

Because of all our faithful supporters, we’re able to bring freedom, hope and restoration to hundreds of children once enslaved in the sex trade industry.