What We Do

Rescue the enslaved

Destiny Rescue is committed to rescuing children from the sex trade and empowering them to stay free. Our rescue agents risk their lives searching for underaged children in brothels, red-light districts and sexually-abusive situations.

These children are bound by physical or psychological chains, and our rescue agents must bring these children out of the dark exploitation.

Poverty, lack of education and other socioeconomic hardships can drive families into desperation. Willing to risk everything to send money back to their families, teenage girls are easily swallowed up by the sex industry when trying to find employment. While common, this is not the only narrative we encounter. Children from all backgrounds are tricked, manipulated, then trapped in exploitation with no hope of escape.


How do we rescue children from sex trafficking?

Night after night, our highly-trained teams of agents go undercover into some of the darkest places on the planet in search of children trapped in sex trafficking and exploitation. Once identified, agents work relentlessly to bring these children to freedom.


Posing as customers, undercover agents work in teams to find and offer freedom to children trapped in the sex trade.


Agents work undercover to gather intelligence then coordinate sting operations with authorities to rescue children trapped in the sex trade and bring their traffickers to justice.


Agents monitor notorious trafficking locations or receive intel from third parties then intervene to rescue children from exploitation.


Who We Rescue

Our agents are always working to bring freedom to children caught in sexual exploitation. But in the pursuit of children, we are often presented with the opportunity to rescue adults out of both labor and sex trafficking situations. All people are valuable, created in the image of God and worthy of rescue and a life lived in freedom.

Our Call

According to labor rights agency International Labor Organization, there are more than one million children trapped in sexual slavery worldwide today. Nearly three-quarters of sex trafficking victims are found in the Asia Pacific.

The Bible, in Psalm chapter 82, verses three to four, says, “defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.”

Destiny Rescue has heard the cry for help from these children and is working to deliver them to freedom.

Do you want to help bring more children to freedom? Please join us in rescuing children enslaved in the sex trade.  Rescue a Child for $1500 or become a Rescue Partner and give any amount monthly towards the rescue and restoration of children out of exploitation!