What We Do

Protect the vulnerable

We strive to bring children out of darkness, but we’d rather they weren’t there in the first place.

Many children who are pushed into human trafficking come from poverty-stricken communities, where education is scarce and illegal drugs rampant. In most cases, at-risk families can not afford to send their children to school. Consequently, children try to find work with little to no qualifications. This makes them vulnerable to sex traffickers who lure, bribe and falsely promise good jobs. Instead, these evil criminals enslave children into forced prostitution.

To help stop this, education is key to our prevention strategy.

We house and care for at-risk children to ensure they stay safe and receive an education. Our reintegration initiative is moving more towards community-care based programs, giving us more opportunities to protect the siblings of rescued children. After saving a girl, Destiny Rescue’s caseworkers look after her and get a chance to know the survivor’s family too. Our assistance helps keep their family safe.