What We Do

Empower the poor

We believe prevention is better than cure, so we aim to empower rural communities to be thriving, healthy, safe places for women and children to live, where families are unified and build each other up.

Destiny Rescue is compelled by God to help empower the poor and destitute, especially in rural areas where extreme poverty exists. We believe in offering them a hand up, not a handout. In other words, our goal is to teach them to become self-supportive over time through our many self-sustaining projects. These programs help families earn a good, stable income and offer them much better options other than illegal drugs or sex trafficking.

Our Prevention Village Program partners with other key organizations in the area. We’re a part of the coordinating committee for Ending Violence Against Children, Women and Against Human Trafficking.

We provide training for entire villages with education focusing on Human Trafficking, Child Rights Laws, Christian Studies etc. We also assist with education for different types of farming available to those in the village. Villages that we work with are selected based on the knowledge that previous rescue girls have come from the village. The goal is to identify the root cause within the village that has resulted in girls being trafficked. Without any financial assistance entire communities are learning together and pursuing opportunities that previously seemed out of reach.


We help the poor become independent through our self-sustaining projects.

Destiny Rescue has had the opportunity to provide life-changing assistance to families through micro-loans. Some families of the girls we’ve rescued were just shy of being able to purchase the key components to starting their own business. In economies where entrepreneurs thrive, having a food cart or sewing machine can be the difference in making an income or having nothing at all. We are privileged to be able to help these families get on their feet and in a place where they can financially support themselves and thrive.

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