What We Do

Empower the poor

We believe prevention is better than a cure. We aim to empower rural communities to be thriving, healthy, safe places for women and children to live, where families are unified and build each other up.

Destiny Rescue is compelled by God to help empower the poor and destitute, especially in rural areas where extreme poverty exists. We believe in offering them a hand up, not a handout. In other words, our goal is to teach them to become self-supportive over time through our many self-sustaining projects. These programs help families earn a good, stable income and offer them much better options other than illegal drugs or sex trafficking.

Village and Community Programs

Destiny Rescue’s team spots high-risk villages and communities that have experienced trafficking and need help. Its team works with village leaders and other organizations to figure out the needs of a community to then create a year-long plan to educate and upskill it.


Our team teaches prevention through education to children, parents, church and village leaders. The curriculum includes:

  • The Gospel message ad presentation
  • Human trafficking awareness
  • Child protection and women’s rights
  • Safe touch workshops with children
  • Online safety


We develop partnerships with like-minded organizations and churches to help church members identify potential trafficking situations and to teach our curriculum in their communities.

We help the poor become independent through our self-sustaining projects.

Destiny Rescue also provides life-changing assistance to families through micro-loans. These loans can help kickstart a family business, where all they need is a sewing machine or food cart. Having one of these can be the difference between making an income or not.

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