Sponsor a Home

A Monthly Partnership Can Change lives!

Welcome to Sponsor a Home – our sponsorship program that brings our supporters even closer to the precious girls we rescue from human trafficking and sexual exploitation!

Since 2011 we have rescued over 2,500 children from the sex trade, and that number continues to climb with each passing day.

Destiny Rescue is enjoying rapid growth, rescuing more children than ever before, and Sponsor a Home is your avenue to connect with those beautiful children. We know you’ll love it.



Sponsor a Home is Destiny Rescue’s monthly donation program for donors seeking to make a difference and also receive connection to the restored lives of rescued girls.

Sponsor a Home is about connection. When you Sponsor a Home you are supporting children’s daily needs, education, as well as their reintegration back into society with new skills and a fresh outlook on life!

When you sign up, you’ll receive a Home Profile Card of your sponsored home, and every three months we’ll send you a Home Update which includes letters from the girls, photos, information about life in the home and recent celebrations.

We want to bring you closer.



Sponsor a Home donations go into a larger pool where the funds are distributed internationally to our various homes depending on their needs. This is the best way to ensure funds are used efficiently.

Homes are more than just one building. Many of our homes have a number of houses on the property, caring for dozens of children at any one time.

Your donations go towards everything you can imagine in running a home: power, water, food, medication, transport, staff salaries, education materials and so much more!

What you receive:

  • Home Profile Card
  • Quarterly Updates about life in your adopted home.
  • Direct correspondence with the girls in your home. Letters and encouragement you send will be displayed for all the girls to see.
  • You will be the first to hear about needs that arise in your home, giving you the opportunity to further bless the children.

Homes Available for Sponsorship

Take a look at the home profiles below and choose which home you want to sponsor today!

Peace Home

Situated in a semi-rural area just outside a popular tourist city, Peace Home provides a safe, loving environment where girls can stay to recover from the trauma they’ve endured. Our dedicated staff care for the girls’ physical and emotional needs, as well as offering them an education.

Dominican Republic
Restore Home

Restore Home is nestled in a rural province in Cambodia, surrounded by rubber plantations, rice fields, small crop farms and fishermen. This home is a safe haven for the children where they receive love, encouragement, support and practical help as they rebuild their lives and look towards their futures.

Promise Home

Promise Home is located on the outskirts of a bustling city in Northern Thailand, surrounded by by beautiful mountains and lush rice fields. The girls in this home have all their practical and educational needs met by our committed staff, while receiving the love and support they need to heal from their pasts.

Justice Home

Justice Home is located in a large industrial city in Cambodia. Many girls here have been pressured into the sex trade by their family or friends. In our home they are given the opportunity to find healing from the trauma they've experienced, and gain fresh hope for the future through education and job training.

Hope Rescue Project

The Hope Rescue Project is dedicated to rescuing as many exploited children in the Philippines as possible. Because of the unique situation in the Philippines we are able to focus our efforts solely on rescues, while other well-established and like-minded NGO’s provide quality aftercare for the rescued girls.


Corporately Funded Homes

These homes have been allocated to corporate donors who have made an annual commitment. Interested in funding an entire home? Let us know, contact us!

Sanctuary Home
Sanctuary Home - Cambodia

Sanctuary Home is located in a popular Northern Cambodian city. Huge tourist numbers unfortunately makes this place a hub for prostitution and the sexual exploitation of children. Our home is well-equipped to care for the girls, giving them love, peace, safety, and hope for the future.