Fund a Project

Give Freedom This Christmas Season

Raised of $150,000.00 goal
$149,950.00 Remaining

This Christmas season we want to give you the opportunity to contribute to the vital work of Destiny Rescue. 

Your donations change lives. This year alone, 374 lives (and counting) have been set free! Not only have hundreds of children been rescued but they have also received crucial aftercare and assistance, becoming ready and equipped for a safe and beautiful future.

We love to give children freedom, hope and a pathway to a bright future! Rescue agents give children someone to trust. House parents or house sisters living with rescued children give them love and acceptance. Teachers give them confidence and valuable education. Case workers give them direction, guidance and empower them to pursue their dreams. We can give to these beautiful children because people like you give to support our work.

As we near the end of 2016 please consider giving freedom to even more children around the world. Funds raised through the Give Freedom project will be unrestricted, available to go towards greatest needs as they arise. All donations are tax deductible!

Dining room and Office Space

Raised of $65,000.00 goal
$39,360.33 Remaining

This multi-story building will create much-needed space for our expanding staff and international volunteers. The bottom level will serve as a dining hall to cater for 50+ children at any one time, and also act as a venue for functions and celebrations.