Fund a Project

Salary and Workplace Set-up for Counseling Psychologist

Raised of $5,180.00 goal
$5,051.47 Remaining

Destiny Rescue’s Dominican Republic project is off to a strong start! To ensure that our home there continues to run smoothly, we want to provide a salary to a psychologist who has already connected very well with our girls. This Counseling Psychologist will play a key role in the girls’ healing and in keeping our home a peaceful and welcoming place.

Destiny Farm

Raised of $14,812.00 goal
$1,939.85 Remaining

At Destiny Farm, families in rural Cambodia will learn farming and business skills to help them earn a stable income. With this knowledge, families will be empowered to support themselves and their girls will experience less pressure to enter or stay in the sex trade.

Dining room and Office Space

Raised of $65,000.00 goal
$39,460.33 Remaining

This multi-story building will create much-needed space for our expanding staff and international volunteers. The bottom level will serve as a dining hall to cater for 50+ children at any one time, and also act as a venue for functions and celebrations.