Fund a Project

Destiny Training Farm

Raised of $14,812.00 goal
$3,867.38 Remaining

At Destiny Training Farm, families in rural Cambodia will learn farming and business skills to help them earn a stable income. With this knowledge, families will be empowered to support themselves and their girls will experience less pressure to enter or stay in the sex trade.

Kampong Cham Hair & Beauty Training

Raised of $6,265.00 goal
$1,115.75 Remaining

We have 10 girls in our Kampong Cham Project who want to start Hair & Beauty vocational training, and we need to pay for fees, transport and other associated costs.

Dining room and Office Space

Raised of $65,000.00 goal
$39,460.33 Remaining

This multi-story building will create much-needed space for our expanding staff and international volunteers. The bottom level will serve as a dining hall to cater for 50+ children at any one time, and also act as a venue for functions and celebrations.