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Restore Home

Restore Home is nestled in a rural province in Cambodia, surrounded by rubber plantations, rice fields, small crop farms and fishermen. This home is a safe haven for the children where they receive love, encouragement, support and practical help as they rebuild their lives and look towards their futures.

Home Demographics

Khmer and some English
Khmer and some Cham (Islamic)
Rural, surrounded by plantations and fishing

About The Girls In This Home

Many of the girls in Restore Home have been victims of sexual abuse in their own villages.   Some have been rescued from forced sex work in karaoke bars.  

Due to the rural setting, many communities place little emphasis on education, which drastically reduces employment opportunities for their futures.  Debt, alcohol abuse and domestic violence are high and many children are forced into work to support their parents financially.  While there are some local factories, employment is impossible for those under 18 as ID cards needed for legal employment are only issued at the age of 18. This leads to children being tricked and forced into the sex trade.

All the girls in Restore Home need unconditional love and time to heal so they can find and fulfill their destinies.   We provide this emotional support, as well as education and vocational training to bring wholeness to these children.


Cambodia is a country struggling to rebuild itself after the ravages of civil war.  Heavy dependence on foreign aid still continues, and corruption poisons almost every level of government and society. Many Cambodians live in extreme poverty which leaves them vulnerable to the false promises of the sex traffickers.

Help Them Achieve Their Dreams

Because of the rural setting, there are few opportunities for the Restore Home to work with other training institutions.  Therefore, Destiny Rescue  provides many training  opportunities and services in-house and looks to cultivate small business ideas as a means for girls and their families to safely make a sustainable income.  Below are some examples of the opportunities we offer our girls, but as each girl’s needs are very different – and we tailor our support according to their requirements – this list is not exhaustive.

Education Opportunities

  • Schooling at Rescue Home
    National language (Khmer), English, Math and Special Needs

  • Full Education
    Attend government schools

Special Training and Job Opportunities

  • Destiny Café
    Hospitality, Cooking and Barista training and employment

  • Hairdressing
    Destiny-run pre-training classes, community training and employment

  • Sewing
    Local sewing classes, also partnered with international denim company

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