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Justice Home

Justice Home is located in a large industrial city in Cambodia. Many girls here have been pressured into the sex trade by their family or friends. In our home they are given the opportunity to find healing from the trauma they've experienced, and gain fresh hope for the future through education and job training.

Home Demographics

Khmer, English
Urban; large, densely-populated city

About The Girls In This Home

Many of the girls living in Justice Home have been pressured into sexually exploitative situations by family and friends. Common family backgrounds among the girls include debt, incest, alcoholic or gambling-addicted parents, domestic violence, gang rape and the highly-prized virgin sales.  

The urban environment of the big city also gives these girls grittiness. Due to the traumas inflicted on them, the girls living in Justice Home are damaged both inside and out. There are drug and alcohol problems, many pregnancies, relationship difficulties and over-sexualized behaviors. Self-harm is common as the girls try to find a way to cope with all they have seen and experienced.  

While they face many challenges, they are not without hope. The staff at Justice Home are able to help the girls find restoration and wholeness as they are given the time and the unconditional love they so desperately need.


Cambodia is a country struggling to rebuild itself after the ravages of civil war. Violence and rape are increasingly becoming part of the culture. Many Cambodians live in extreme poverty which leaves them vulnerable to the false promises of the sex traffickers.

Help Them Achieve Their Dreams

The girls living in Justice Home are treated as individuals with their own specific needs and talents. In order to help them dream again, we encourage them to walk their own journey, so while the list below gives examples of the opportunities we offer, it is not exhaustive.  Due to its location, there are also many outsourced options for the girls; such as working with other NGOs, and training or studying at different organizations and businesses within the city.

Education Opportunities

  • Schooling at Rescue Home
    English, Khmer Language, Life Skills, Self Defense, Computer and Arts

Special Training and Job Opportunities

  • Administration
    Outside business programs

  • Beauty Training & Employment
    Partner programs for learning beauty, hairdressing and nail art

  • Hospitality Training & Employment
    Partner programs with cafés, restaurants and hotels

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