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Hope Rescue Project

The Hope Rescue Project is dedicated to rescuing as many exploited children in the Philippines as possible. Because of the unique situation in the Philippines we are able to focus our efforts solely on rescues, while other well-established and like-minded NGO’s provide quality aftercare for the rescued girls.

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About The Rescued Girls

Most of the girls rescued by the Hope Rescue Project are from very poor families. In order to support their parents financially, they work in bars where they are sold for sex. It is not uncommon for their parents to know about their work, but many feel they have no other options. When talking to the girls, it’s very difficult to persuade them that there are other opportunities and that their lives do not have to be this way. With poor education and pressure from their families to earn a wage, these young girls cannot see beyond the hopeless lives they are living.

After rescue, girls are placed with one of the many like-minded faith-based organizations that we partner with, to receive specialized aftercare. Because of Destiny Rescue’s unique partnerships, girls can find a new home with an organization specially equipped to help her in her specific circumstance (i.e. teenage mother).

Although prostitution is illegal in the Philippines, extraordinary corruption and weak law enforcement allows it to proliferate throughout the country, from dark alleys and private residences to full-sized brothels and neon red-light districts. It can even be delivered directly to a person’s home with a simple phone call. This dark side of trafficking takes many forms, including brothels, street prostitution, massage services, and the pornography industry. Poverty, lack of education and inadequate awareness among families all contribute to the growing exploitation of children.

Rescue Operations in the Philippines

Rescues in the Philippines are undercover operations. Agents pose as customers and work to build trust with a potential rescue girl. This is an extremely delicate process as both the safety of the girl and the rescue agent are top priority. Girls pressured into this kind of work are slow to trust and quick to lie—it’s a survival tactic. They will usually use a fake age in the bar, but after trust is established, rescue agents are able to learn their real ages—normally around 16 years old. Once trust is built and the offer of freedom is made, there is much rejoicing and celebration when a girl chooses freedom! Your support helps to keep these operations going! Every night an agent spends building trust with a girl is one less night she is exploited and abused. Every successful rescue is one more life brought into freedom, with the hope of a bright future before her!

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