Give a Gift, Change a Life

Spread the cheer worldwide with a gift that can positively impact a Destiny Rescue child! From healthcare to education; and rescue to building development, each gift you purchase will make a world of difference to Destiny Rescue’s operations, and bless your chosen recipient at the same time! Choose a gift, personalise your message, then spread the love!

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  • Rescue Welcome Pack

    Help a rescued child settle into her new home with some basic essentials to make her feel valued.

    From: USD $25.00 View Gift
  • Feed A Child

    Food is good. We know kids love to eat. Feed a child and provide the nutrition they need to function each day.

    From: USD $25.00 View Gift
  • Rescue a Child

    Children all over the world are suffering terrible abuse and need a rescuer. Help fund a child’s escape.

    Suggested Donation: USD $1,500.00 View Gift
  • Education For A High School Student

    Brilliant minds aren’t formed overnight, it takes time. Help a child see her education through by providing for their school fees.

    From: USD $16.00 View Gift
  • Meet An Urgent Need

    Help us prepare for the unexpected.

    From: USD $25.00 View Gift
  • Help Cover Birthing Costs for a Pregnant Girl

    Pregnancy is an exciting yet daunting prospect for girls who enter our care. Help us ensure they receive the best possible care when it comes time to deliver.

    From: USD $30.00 View Gift
  • Education For An Elementary School Student

    Brilliant minds aren’t formed overnight – it takes time. Help a child see their education through by providing for their school fees.

    From: USD $10.00 View Gift
  • Recreation Pack for Children

    Help get their blood pumping, their legs running, and minds buzzing with sports equipment and craft supplies!

    From: USD $10.00 View Gift
  • Provide Drinking Water For A Child

    It’s liquid life and a basic essential. Help keep a child hydrated for a year and functioning at their best!

    From: USD $14.00 View Gift
  • Give A School Pack To A Child

    Want to provide a child with all they need for a successful school year? This is the gift for you!

    From: USD $30.00 View Gift
  • Provide A School Uniform For A Child

    Education is a vital part of reintegrating children into their communities. Help a child settle into school with a new uniform.

    From: USD $12.00 View Gift
  • Medical Emergency Fund

    From cuts and scrapes to more serious incidents, we need to provide healthcare for our children. Help ensure we have the necessary funds to meet any need.

    From: USD $25.00 View Gift

shopping Basket

How It Works


Look through the available gifts to find one that touches your heart, or one that you know the recipient would love to receive!


Is your gift for Christmas, a birthday, or other special occasion? We have a number of different designs available for the honor card for you to select depending on the occasion.

Write a personalised message to the recipient, or select the generic one we have created for you.

You can also choose how to receive the honor card: it can be emailed directly to you, or to a recipient of your choice.


Once you’ve filled out the Honor Card options, review your order to make sure the details and content are correct (look out for spelling mistakes!)

Complete the online payment form and you’re finished!


Once you’ve completed the review, the email will be sent to yourself or the recipient you’ve nominated.