Take a Stand

What is Take a Stand?

This is your opportunity to stand up and say “No!” to children being trafficked. Take a Stand for Freedom is a fun event that offers you a powerful way to get involved in the fight against child trafficking. Raise money and awareness while having fun and uniting together with your friends for a great cause.

How it works:

Sign Up for Take a Stand1. Sign Up

Gather your friends and set a fundraising goal! Then register your stand with our sign-up form below. We’ll provide you with some awesome resources, including an online fundraising page, to equip you with what you need to make your Stand a success.

2. Speak Up

Tell your story. Explain the problem of trafficking to your friends and family. Tell them about the work that Destiny Rescue is doing to fight it. Ask for donations to help you reach your fundraising goal.

3. Stand Up

Come up with creative ideas to make your stand unique. You can plan fun activities, give your stand a theme, or find places to stand where you will raise significant awareness. The possibilities are endless.


Take a look at what other kids around the country are doing and set up your own fundraising page here!

Want a bit more information? Download our one-page Quick Guide!

Sign Up and Take a Stand

*If you are physically unable to stand due to medical reasons, you can still participate in the Take A Stand event. Instead of standing, you can set yourself a personal challenge for the duration of the event such as, not using your mobile phone, not watching TV, not talking, or whatever you can think of!