Corporate Opportunities

Your Business Can Set Her Free!

Once we rescue a child we strive to understand what makes her unique and special in order to help her achieve her life’s goals. It is our hope that we can do the same for businesses who want to fight child sex trafficking. Our customizable corporate opportunities empower your business to make a significant difference in the world while you stay focused on your mission and business objectives.  By joining the frontlines of this global crisis you can celebrate your impact through the stories of rescued children and the lives you’ve changed forever.

By  joining this fight against child sex trafficking you can:

  • Build your brand and become a leader in battling this global crisis
  • Grow your reputation as a good corporate citizen and impact your community and communities around the world
  • Create employee and customer value by involving and engaging them in this cause


Check out our current corporate opportunities:

2019 Corporate Opportunities

If you are interested in having your business join this global cause, contact Rick Baltzersen, Director of Corporate Partnerships, by phone at 513-703-0029 or via email at [email protected].