Fund a Project

Fund a Project

We have some vital projects in the pipeline, just waiting on the funding to make them happen. That’s what this page is all about! Firstly, check out our projects and find one you’re passionate about. Then you or your group can donate directly to that project. You may even want to hold a fundraising event to help the project along. Watch the thermometer and see how funds for your project are progressing. And finally, celebrate with us when the funding target is reached and the project becomes a reality!

Raised of $16,960.00 goal
$4,516.74 Remaining

Our Team in Cambodia currently need a better transport option. They currently use a mix of their own vehicles and an older, and now unreliable, vehicle owned by one of our projects. They are often required to use taxis and Tuk Tuks to make longer trips, significantly increasing our transport costs for the country.

We are seeking to buy a used truck like the Nissan pictured to serve as primary transport for our staff when carrying out their duties, both with children in our full-time care, and those in our outside programs, whose homes can be a considerable distance away from our base.

The purchase and use of this vehicle should result in a reduced transport cost overall for the Cambodia team, allowing funds to be directed elsewhere. Also a vehicle of this type will likely increase the range and frequency of visits that can be made, when currently they may have been canceled if suitable ‘for hire’ transport were not available.

Raised of $65,000.00 goal
$38,590.59 Remaining

This multi-story building will create much-needed space for our expanding staff and international volunteers. The bottom level will serve as a dining hall to cater for 50+ children at any one time, and also act as a venue for functions and celebrations.