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Population: 68 Million | Language: Thai | Capital City: Bangkok

Thailand is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia with beaches, mountains, villages and industry. Their culture values community and family with a warmth that has made their homeland known as the Land of Smiles.

Thailand is a popular tourist destination for more than 11 million people each year. Sadly, some of this tourism is not there to embrace the culture but to exploit it. Sex tourism is a major problem in Thailand. The city of Pattaya being at the top of the list, boasting the title, “The sex capital of the world” and accommodating over 5 million tourists annually.

In the red-light districts, on blatant display in the cities and hidden in rural communities, bars, brothels and massage parlors sell sex – and tourists come from all over the globe to buy it. Greed and lust fuel this evil that preys especially on vulnerable and underprivileged young girls.

Most of the girls we rescue grew up in rural villages. Poverty cripples families and many didn’t have education opportunities past fourth grade. Needing to help their families earn an income they venture to the city in search of a job. Not much is available due to their social standing and lack of education but illegitimate businesses in the red-light areas make them job offers they can’t refuse. Some of them have no idea the future that awaits them if they remain in these establishments for more than one night. Burdens of shame weigh down on them and their deep loyalty to their families causes them to hide what’s truly happening. They send their paychecks home hoping to prevent anything similar from happening to their siblings.


Destiny Rescue is making a huge difference in Thailand for multiple reasons. In multiple cities and communities we’re rescuing many children from the sex industry and we’re working closely with local police to bring human trafficking criminals to justice.

Once children are rescued, caseworkers help them form an aftercare plan and choose the best path and reintegration plan for their future. Education and vocational training are main focuses in this step.

The issue of human trafficking hits close to home for Destiny Rescue national staff in Thailand. They see their jobs as a way to follow God’s calling in their lives to fight for justice for their own people. Counselors, caseworkers, teachers, houseparents and more, they are living testimonies of God’s faithfulness and intentionally share the love of Christ with the girls they serve.

We’re also busy helping at-risk children and families through our various Prevention Programs. Children in these programs receive a proper education, vocational training and, in some instances, a place to live. Plus, we’re helping many poor families become self-supportive through our numerous development initiatives. Our ultimate goal is to prevent precious kids from ever being forced into the human trafficking industry.

Latest News in Thailand

April 28, 2020

COVID-19’s impact on our projects is different in each country. Destiny Rescue teams are adapting in innovative and meaningful ways to continue to carry out our mission on the ground.

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September 11, 2018

“We planned an activity at the nursing home so the girls could have the opportunity to participate with the community, establish relationships and increase their personal development” – Caseworker

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June 13, 2018

The problem of human trafficking is a global phenomenon, and we truly believe that only a collective, national and international response will succeed in creating a long-term impact.

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