Project : Spread the Love

One of our caseworkers shares the joy of watching rescued girls heal further by serving others.

Rape, Murder of 13yo Girl Devastates Rescue Team

Two men are in custody with another two at large after a 13-year-old girl was found raped and murdered in one of Destiny Rescue’s Project Nations.

For Sale at 16

I was sitting in our rescue office eating my lunch when the phone rang. It was the police. They had a lead they wanted to follow up on…

New Phnom Penh Learning Centre

Our new Learning Centre in Phnom Penh is up-and-running and our staff and rescued children couldn’t be happier. It’s a beautiful space where our girls will learn, love, laugh and heal.

Daring to Dream: A Rescue Story

Poverty is a dream killer and an all too familiar part of the story for many girls that come through Destiny Rescue, including Noo…

The Ripple Effect: One Girl, One Well, One Village

During a routine follow-up with a rescue girl, Destiny Rescue learned of the Kim family’s desperate need for a water source and put out a request online for donations. The cost to fund a well for the family would be $400. The Kim family waited and prayed. Find out what happened next!

You Go To Change Lives, But They Change Yours

Tina, one the Destiny Rescue Salon volunteers, shares her experience of working with the girls in Thailand and what working with the girls means to her.

Indian Prevention Girl Rekha Named Valedictorian

Our India Prevention program has been running for nine years, and as some of the kids in our prevention program are finishing their formal education, we’re seeing terrific results. Check out Rachna’s latest award. We’re so proud!

Beauty for Ashes

Freedom is defined as the power or right to act, speak, or think as one without hindrance or restraint. Tragically, this is not the reality for victims of childhood sex trafficking.

Help Rescue Bangkok

The Bangkok Rescue Home is a place of laughter and tears, difficulties and triumphs, of courage and great convictions. It is a place where the determination and dedication of the staff sees lives restored daily, piece by piece, put back together, and made whole. It is a place of significance and love.

A Life-Changing Intervention

Children in the sex-trade often feel obligated to be there to protect and support their family or to pay off a debt. They are willing to give up everything for this. This was especially true for one of our already-rescued girls who was willing to give up the life she had made here to be sold a second time.

Be a Light of Liberation

The wages of sin are death. And nowhere is this more evident than on the faces of newly rescued girls. Expressionless, shut down, steeled into a death pose – closed against the pain of feeling.