Beauty for Ashes

Freedom is defined as the power or right to act, speak, or think as one without hindrance or restraint. Tragically, this is not the reality for victims of childhood sex trafficking.

Help Rescue Bangkok

The Bangkok Rescue Home is a place of laughter and tears, difficulties and triumphs, of courage and great convictions. It is a place where the determination and dedication of the staff sees lives restored daily, piece by piece, put back together, and made whole. It is a place of significance and love.

A Life-Changing Intervention

Children in the sex-trade often feel obligated to be there to protect and support their family or to pay off a debt. They are willing to give up everything for this. This was especially true for one of our already-rescued girls who was willing to give up the life she had made here to be sold a second time.

The Power of Love

Meet Tuk, a 15 year old girl who knows intimately what it means to love selflessly. Tuk was born into extreme poverty. Not the kind of ‘poverty’ western kids might relate to where one has to wait a few weeks later than your friends to get the latest cell phone, but poverty so great you need to work to help feed your family and where school is a luxury that can’t be afforded.

Be a Light of Liberation

The wages of sin are death. And nowhere is this more evident than on the faces of newly rescued girls. Expressionless, shut down, steeled into a death pose – closed against the pain of feeling.

Rescuing Children From Darkness

There are literally millions of children around the world, like the two precious little girls in this story, crying out for help and deliverance. Destiny Rescue is determined to answer their call and rescue them from their darkness.

A Story To Remember

Children all over the world are crying out for help, but many times their pleas fall pray to deaf ears and are left to fend for themselves. Miraculously, one young woman and her small family were liberated by Destiny Rescue and their lives were completely redeemed and transformed for the better!

Unwanted | A Story Of Redemption

Narsor’s story is heart wrenching and gripping. She faced rejection by her family, betrayal by a friend and was forced into a life of prostitution. Find out how she escaped that horrible environment and what her life looks like today.

Free To Dream Again

Marlee grew up with big dreams in her heart just like any other child. Unfortunately, her dreams were shattered at an early age when she was forced into the sex-trade. Read Marlee’s moving story of pain, suffering and difficulty turned to great joy in the end!

Shattered Dreams…To Hope Again!

One young girl had a dream of becoming a nurse, but after her parents couldn’t afford to send her to school anymore, she had to look for a job away from home. Tragically, she was deceived and forced into the sex industry until…

A Tragic Story of Abuse…TURNED TO GREAT JOY

Neelah had a difficult start in life. Her mother disappeared and her father neglected her when she needed him most. Vulnerable, abused and with no parent to turn to, she found herself in a hopeless situation until Destiny Rescue took her in.

Sold for sex by her own mother

This young girl was scarred by abuse and distrust before entering the safe loving care of Destiny Rescue.