Ten shareable statements we believe

These graphics will empower you as you use your voice for freedom.

How to Talk About Child Sex Trafficking

Five introspective questions to consider as you engage in conversations about this topic.

Best Friends Give Back to Their Community

“We planned an activity at the nursing home so the girls could have the opportunity to participate with the community, establish relationships and increase their personal development” – Caseworker

Project : Spread the Love

One of our caseworkers shares the joy of watching rescued girls heal further by serving others.

New Phnom Penh Learning Centre

Our new Learning Centre in Phnom Penh is up-and-running and our staff and rescued children couldn’t be happier. It’s a beautiful space where our girls will learn, love, laugh and heal.

The Ripple Effect: One Girl, One Well, One Village

During a routine follow-up with a rescue girl, Destiny Rescue learned of the Kim family’s desperate need for a water source and put out a request online for donations. The cost to fund a well for the family would be $400. The Kim family waited and prayed. Find out what happened next!

27 Human Trafficking Quotes to Inspire You & Your Friends

Want to inspire yourself and your friends to join you in the fight against human trafficking? We’ve created 27 graphic quotes for you to share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest!

10 Popular Human Trafficking Myths Debunked

Human trafficking myths are broad and we must provide truth to diffuse them. Read our list of ten popular human trafficking myths, find out the truth for yourself and share with your friends!