Twelve rescued and two pimps arrested in the Philippines

Twelve people, including minors aged 15 and 17, have been rescued and two pimps arrested in the Philippines.

After five weeks of surveillance, our rescue agents and law enforcement initiated a sting operation to rescue a group of girls and women being sold by young, experienced pimps. Our team traveled over 150mi for the sting.

Our social workers will now assist each survivor through the government’s intake process and make sure they’re connected to the appropriate services in the area or relocated to their homes.

Pictured: After the raid, a female police officer, government social workers and Destiny Rescue’s social worker (far right) explain the next steps to the survivors, informing them of the operation with assurances that they are not being arrested.

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19 survivors rescued from pimps during a raid in the Philippines

Eight of the survivors were children, three of whom were boys.

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After three months of preparation, our agents went undercover with law enforcement to end the exploitation of these precious souls. The children received counseling and round-the-clock care in a government shelter while the pimps were arrested and prosecuted.

You can read the full story from the perspective of one of our agents here!

400+ rescued from labor trafficking

Over 400 men, women and children have been rescued from international labor trafficking since June. Among those rescued were 76 children, some as young as 14 years old.

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All had been lured out of Thailand by false job offers and ended up being forced to work in scamming call centers. Their working conditions were brutal – survivors reported being held against their will and electrocuted or subjected to solitary confinement as discipline.

Our rescue team in Thailand has been working tirelessly on these cases since June, in collaboration with other non-profit organizations and government agencies. Their work to rescue these 400+ lives included investigation, rescue operations, travel coordination to repatriate survivors and interviewing assistance.

Two girls rescued in Cambodia

Both girls, 13 and 17 years old, have enrolled in our community care program.

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Local law enforcement brought our team in to assist in the case of a 13 year old who was being raped repeatedly by a group of men. Our caseworkers were heartbroken at the level of trauma experienced by this child. We brought her to the hospital and ensured she received necessary medical attention. At the request of government authorities, our caseworkers are advocating for her throughout the judicial process.

“The girl is brave and receives good counseling from our team and the government team,” our caseworker manager in Cambodia said.

Two pilot projects in Africa rescue 43 children

43 survivors have stepped into freedom and joined our community care program in two different African countries.

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The children, ages 10 to 17, and one 18 year old, were forced to do the unthinkable: sell themselves to survive. Each survivor will receive Empower trauma rehabilitation counseling and will work with their caseworker on their individualized Freedom Plans to help them find stability and pursue their bright futures that lie ahead.

Eight cases closed in the Dominican

Our team assisted law enforcement with survivor interviews, suspect surveillance and logistics.

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All eight cases involved individual children, ages 3 to 15, who were victims of sex crimes. An arrest was made in each case.

We’re able to rescue and protect vulnerable children in the Dominican Republic by working alongside dedicated law enforcement teams. We’re fortunate to have a psychologist as one of our agents on staff who aids in trauma-informed interviews and to have talented undercover agents who help track down the perpetrators of such insidious crimes.