Simultaneous raids rescue 12 in the Philippines

Against all odds, two raids successfully rescued 12 people during lockdowns and a monsoon in August.

Teams battled flooded roads, high winds, and understaffing in our latest operation with the Philippines NBI. Shifting lockdown restrictions also impacted the operation details multiple times in the hours leading up to the raid.

At the last minute, a final location was secured and simultaneous sting operations took place.

In total, 12 individuals were rescued and four pimps were arrested for human trafficking. Among those rescued were five children, girls ages 13-16.

Rescue Update Archive

23 rescued in Nepal

Our efforts in Nepal secured freedom for 13 children and 10 women.

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One girl, age 15, was attempting to cross the border after meeting a woman at a birthday party three days prior. The child was promised a tour and chance to go shopping if she crossed the border alone to meet the woman. She was rescued by our agents at the border and reunited with her family.

Two 15-year-old boys were rescued together at the border as they attempted to leave the country for jobs promised to them by a relative. The relative instructed them to lie if questioned and was unreachable after he learned the boys had been stopped by our agents.

Two girls rescued and on their paths to freedom in Cambodia

Two girls in Cambodia have stepped out of the sex industry and into freedom!

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Both were rescued by our covert agents and have joined our community care program. Image is representational.

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16 girls rescued from sexual exploitation in Uganda

The girls, ages 13 to 17, have all joined our community care program.

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Ten of the survivors had lost at least one parent and all were experiencing financial hardships and vulnerabilities.

In our community care program, children will live in their home environment, attend classes, receive meals and work with her caseworker on the steps unique to her freedom plan.

26 rescued in Nepal

25 women and children were rescued at the border and one 12-year-old boy was rescued from labor exploitation.

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Among those rescued was a 17-year-old girl. She met her trafficker one month ago on Facebook and soon found herself falling for the charming young man. He convinced her to sneak away and cross the border so they could get married. Our agents rescued her and reunited her with her mother who expressed her gratefulness to our staff.

Our agents assisted police in the rescue of a 12-year-old boy being forced to work in a hotel after a man lured him out of the country. He and his family expressed their desire for the boy to continue his education so our staff coordinated his placement in a shelter that will provide him with access to schooling.

Ten children rescued in newest project in Africa

Ten children, ages eight to 16, have been rescued from sexual abuse and exploitation.

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Rescue operations have begun in one of our newest locations. New projects start in a pilot phase allowing us to take the first steps of rescue, learn more about the dynamics of sexual exploitation in the region and adapt our programs to the specific needs of survivors.

Survivors are being cared for by vetted foster families in the area and are receiving the services offered by our community care program.