Who We Are

Our Finances

Destiny Rescue is serious about rescuing and restoring children’s lives around the world and we’re serious about maintaining financial integrity along the way.

Destiny Rescue is committed to maintaining the highest level of financial integrity and transparency with the resources it has been entrusted.

In order to maintain trust and transparency with our financial dealings, Destiny Rescue’s Annual Financial Report is available online –

2010-2011 Financial Report.

2011-2012 Financial Report.

2012-2013 Financial Report 

In 2013, we switched from July-June reporting to January-December reporting.

2013 July-December Financial Report – Destiny Rescue Incorporated
2013 July-December Financial Report – Destiny Rescue Overseas Aid Fund

2014 Financial Report – Destiny Rescue Incorporated
2014 Financial Report – Destiny Rescue Overseas Aid Fund

In 2015, these reports were consolidated.

2015 Consolidated Financial Statement


87% International programs and advocacy work
These funds go directly towards our programs that benefit children rescued from sexual exploitation and towards our prevention programs. It also includes our advocacy work which raises awareness and educates the community about the global issue of child sexual exploitation.

10% Administration
To ensure the day to day running of Destiny Rescue Australia, this includes but not limited to all management, finance, HR and administration teams.

3% Fundraising
Fundraising is completely activated by the works of Destiny Rescue. It enables more funds to be distributed to our programs so that our important work can continue. Costs include public fundraising which sustains long term supporters and enables our work towards ending child slavery in our lifetime to continue.

THANK YOU for your generous financial support and prayers. Your contribution is truly making a difference in the lives of children around the world; it’s helping rescue little ones and letting them dream again.