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Friendship Home

Friendship Home is located in a large city in Northern Thailand. Our girls here receive all the love and support they need to heal from their pasts. This home, like many others, provides girls with basic education and also vocational training opportunities to help reintegrate them back into society.

Home Demographics

Hmong, Shan, Lahu, Akha, Thai, Burmese
Shan, Lahu, Akha, Hmong, Thai, Burmese
On the edge of a city, surrounded by mountains

About The Girls In This Home

Many of the children living in Friendship Home are from very poor hill tribe families. A lot of the girls’ relatives are in prison because of drug addiction and for selling drugs in their villages.

Thai girls are extremely loyal to their families. If their parents are unable to support the family, the girls then take on the responsibility and look for work in larger cities.  As many of these young girls have limited education and are regarded as stateless, there are few options for safe employment.  Often girls are tricked into believing they will be waitresses, only to find they are being sold for sex to customers in karaoke bars.

The girls living in our home are from many different hill tribes, giving Friendship Home a large cultural diversity.


Friendship Home is located in Thailand, a country riddled with sex tourism, and is a source, destination and transit country for commercial sex exploitation.  With 68 million people, extreme poverty, lack of education and few opportunities for those without Thai citizenship (commonly hill tribe people), many people are without hope of a better future.

Achieving Their Dreams

Because of the rural setting, there are few opportunities for the Friendship Home to work with other training institutions.  Therefore, Destiny Rescue  provides many training  opportunities and services in-house and looks to cultivate small business ideas as a means for girls and their families to safely make a sustainable income.  Below are some examples of the opportunities we offer our girls, but as each girl’s needs are very different – and we tailor our support according to their requirements – this list is not exhaustive.

Education Opportunities

  • Schooling at Rescue Home
    Basic English, Life Skills, Sports, Crafts

  • Full Education
    Attend local schools or colleges

Special Training and Job Opportunities

  • Destiny Jewellery
    Flexible hours so girls can earn a wage while continuing their studies

  • Destiny Screen Printing
    Training/employment in t-shirt screen printing and business management

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