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Cherish Home

Located in a vibrant, bustling city in India, Cherish Home offers children a safe environment to live and learn. Our dedicated staff give them the care they need to grow and heal both physically and emotionally, along with providing education and the valuable life skills they need to unlock their potential and reach their goals.

Home Demographics

Hindi, Bhojpuri, Bihari, Bengali, Nepali, Brij, Awadhi, Punjabi, Haryanvi, Sadri, Santali, Munda
Our home is made up of children in various social castes from many different states in India including Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand, and Maharashtra.
Large, commercialised area of a city that attracts tourists from around the world

About The Girls In This Home

Kidnapped and forced to work in brothels or sold by their own families into slavery: these are stories all too common among the girls who come into Cherish Home. Fathers and brothers, addicted to alcohol and unable to carry jobs, sometimes push the girls into prostitution in order to earn income for the family.

Unfortunately many are also raped by close family or respected members of their community, but because of cultural barriers they rarely tell anyone until things get much worse. Some will run away from the abusive situations they are experiencing, but due to lack of money and education, they end up on the streets.

Parts of India still operate on a social ranking system of classes and castes, leaving many persecuted and rejected. Because of this discrimination, jobs are sometimes limited.


India is a diverse, multilingual, multi-ethnic country that is heavily populated. It boasts a rapidly growing economy, yet many areas are still entrenched in deep poverty. Social hierarchies, persecution and lack of education are some factors that have caused India to have some of the world’s highest numbers of people living in slavery, both in labor bondage and sex trafficking.

Help Them Achieve Their Dreams

Each girl in our care has a unique background as well as her own traumatic experiences that led her to Cherish Home. Our goal is to welcome each of them into our family and bring her back to wholeness. Destiny Rescue strives to restore their dignity and self-respect through individual counselling, quality education, and training programmes that allow them to develop skills for a brighter future.

Education Opportunities

  • Schooling at Rescue Home
    English, Hindi, Maths, Life Skills, Dance, Crafts

  • Full Education
    Attend local schools

Special Training and Job Opportunities

  • Special Training and Job Opportunities
    Jewellery-making, hairdressing and beauty training, and papercraft training

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