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There are millions of children around the world presently susceptible to the sex-trade. And there are 1.2 million children each year that are actually trafficked1 – the majority of them forced into sexual slavery.2

Destiny Rescue’s Child Sponsorship Program is designed to help prevent as many children as possible from entering the sex-trade and offer hope, stability and the unconditional love of God to children that have endured its deadly sting.

For as little as $35 USD a month, you can support a Prevention or Rescue Child and help save his or her life. Your monthly gift will provide a child a hand up and a chance to dream again…a chance to fulfill his or her God-given destiny.

Child Sponsorship donations are tax-deductible.

Will you join us in the fight against child sex slavery by sponsoring a child?

What is a Prevention Child?

A Prevention Child is an at-risk child that Destiny Rescue helps support financially so that they’re protected from being lured or forced into the sex-trade. Your monthly support will help provide a Prevention Child with a good education, healthcare, regular food assistance, hygiene awareness, financial management training and, in some cases, a place to live. 

What is a Rescue Child?

A Rescue Child is a child that has literally been rescued from a brothel, red light district or sexually exploitive situation, either by Destiny Rescue or another organization that works closely with us, and has been brought into our aftercare program. Your monthly financial support will help provide a Rescue Child a safe, loving place to live, a good education, medical treatment, counseling, healthy meals, vocational training, clothing, all other daily needs, and a chance to experience the unconditional love of God!


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