Fund a Project

Carport for Rescue Home

Raised of $1,875.00 goal
$1,875.00 Remaining

The Rescue Home in Chiang Rai, Thailand is in need of a carport area for visitors and staff vehicles. This upgrade will make the entrance to the Rescue Home a lot more welcoming and help with traffic flow in and out of the rescue home.

Office Equipment

Raised of $2,962.00 goal
$1,041.28 Remaining

Help! Computers and other office equipment urgently needed in Myanmar startup operations!


Cafe Upgrade

Raised of $4,200.00 goal
$4,200.00 Remaining

The Destiny Cafe in Chiang Rai, Thailand is in need of some upgrades. The cafe needs some upgrades in the kitchen, a new computer system and some general repairs around the cafe.

Computers for Rescue Home Staff

Raised of $1,575.00 goal
$717.30 Remaining

Laptops are urgently needed by the administration staff in Chiang Mai, Thailand to complete day to day tasks and operations.  Help us to equip the staff  with the required resources for the job.

Destiny Rescue India

Raised of $80,000.00 goal
$45,148.07 Remaining

India is estimated to have over 900,000 sex workers, 30% of whom are children, with the number of children involved in prostitution increasing by 8-10% each year. Our response: to launch a new rescue program in Mumbai, India.

Bangkok Rescue Aftercare Project

Raised of $49,165.00 goal
$31,873.24 Remaining

The newly-established Bangkok Rescue Home is a place of laughter and tears, difficulties and triumphs, of courage and great convictions. It is a place where the determination and dedication of the staff see lives restored daily. It is a place where children are made to feel significant and loved. There is a strong sense of family in the home. The atmosphere is one of kindness and hope.

Sunrise Children’s Home

Raised of $29,170.00 goal
$23,648.07 Remaining

Our Sunrise Children’s Home in Chiang Rai, Thailand, needs to be expanded. The home, which is functioning well, is now requiring the completion of the next stage in its expansion program, so it can house 48 kids and also the 4 staff who run the Home.