Get Arrested, Raise Money & Rescue Sex Slaves

Innocent people are getting arrested around the globe and you could be next... that is if you decide to get arrested for the right reasons.

Arrested For A Cause is one of Destiny Rescue’s exciting initiatives designed to raise funds for the rescue and rehabilitation of children trapped in the sex-trade. There are literally millions enslaved in human trafficking today3, the majority of them being women and children.2 By getting “Arrested,” you have a chance to help raise funds for the sole purpose of rescuing and restoring children caught in sexual slavery. It’s simple; you get arrest and post bail. Then you rely on others to raise enough money to get you out! Just think, your momentary “lockup ”, so to speak, is setting captives free; it’s liberating children so they can fulfill their God-given destinies and have a chance to dream – many of them for the first time ever!

Will you join us and GET ARRESTED? …Be the reason the next young child is rescued!

Here’s how it works: