26 Second Challenge

Every 26 seconds a child is trafficked, the majority of them into sexual slavery. Will you help stop this injustice by joining the 26 Second Challenge?

There are an estimated 1.2 million children trafficked each year1 – the majority of them being lured, bribed or forced into the sex-trade.2

That’s one child every 26 seconds!

And there are millions of other children that have already been coerced or pushed into the sex industry, forced to have sex with adults several times a day with no way of escaping, unless ordinary people stand up and do something.

Will you join with us in rescuing these precious children?

It’s easy. Destiny Rescue created a program called the “26 Second Challenge” to remind people how often a child is sold into slavery and to raise the necessary funds crucial to liberating children from the sex-trade, worldwide.

Here’s how the “26 Second Challenge” works…


How will joining make a difference?

The power of this challenge is in people fulfilling their commitment of getting at least 2 other people to join. This is how the math works… if one person gets 2 people to join, then those 2 people each get 2 people to join, then those 4 people each get 2 people to join, and this process keeps happening until they reach 15 levels of committed supporters, that one person with all his or her partners would raise over one million dollars! Obviously, that’s if each person fulfilled their two person commitment. And if it continues unbroken for 25 levels, one person with his or her team would raise over one billion dollars! Now that’s the power of multiplication.

The problem we’re facing is huge, and the fight against it is equally as intimidating. But, together, we can make a difference. The 26 Second Challenge is a very simple way to raise funds by linking arms with others! If we work as a team and each inspire at least 2 additional people to join our cause… then we’ll be a force that’s truly unstoppable!