Where We Work

Our Work in Myanmar (Burma)

Human trafficking is prevalent in Myanmar, whether it’s sexual slavery, forced child labor or child soldiers. And because extreme poverty is so widespread, many children are vulnerable to being trafficked.

Myanmar has been plagued by prolonged political turmoil, hardship and unrest, and, as a result, has become a very impoverished nation. Many of its people live in very oppressive conditions under the heavy rule of its hard-line military government. Human trafficking is commonplace, whether it’s sexual exploitation, forced child labor or child soldiers.

To make matters worse, on May 3, 2008, the worst natural disaster in Myanmar’s history happened. Cyclone Nargis left a reported 200,000 people dead or missing with the total cost of damages reaching $10 billion (USD). The UN estimates that up to 1 million people were left homeless from this disaster alone.

What We Do

Destiny Rescue is making a significant difference in Myanmar! We’ve established a sponsorship program to help support children and their families in need. We’ve started a vocational training program to help kids and young adults learn a specialised skill so that they can earn a good income and end the cycle of poverty and vulnerability in their lives. And we’re heavily involved in rescuing children enslaved in the sex industry. Once rescued, these precious kids are brought to one of our “Rescue homes,” where they’ll be cared for, looked after and have a chance to heal in a Christ-centred, loving environment. We believe in liberating these children and taking a stand against their injustice!

Destiny Rescue has only recently started its work in Myanmar, which means, there’s lots still to be done.

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