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Our Work In Mozambique

Due in large part to the civil war and rampant HIV/ AIDS epidemic, over 2 million children are orphaned, leaving them at-risk and vulnerable to trafficking and sexually exploitive situations.

Like most African countries, Mozambique has experienced a turbulent and violent past. Colonized by Portugal, tensions increased between the indigenous population and the Portuguese. A guerrilla campaign targeting the Portuguese rule was initiated in 1964, and led to 10 years of warfare. By 1975, Mozambique became an independent nation and most of the Portuguese population had fled.

Economic breakdown and civil war dominated the years following independence, leading to the deaths of an estimated 1 million people. This forced 1.7 million to flee as refugees to neighboring countries and internally displaced several million more. Peace was somewhat established in 1992, but the years of warfare, unrest and severe drought had left Mozambique underdeveloped, causing them to rely heavily on international aid and subsistence agriculture.

Today, Mozambique is one of the world’s poorest and least developed nations in the world and the HIV/AIDS epidemic has left approximately 670,000 children orphaned.8 This adds a significant number of children to the already staggering orphaned population, bringing the total to 2.1 million orphans in Mozambique.8 Tragically, these orphans often turn to prostitution as a means for survival.

Destiny Rescue is making a positive difference in the lives of many Mozambicans. We’re rescuing children that have been enslaved in human trafficking, and we’re delivering those trapped in prostitution due to their extreme poverty. And, we’re giving them hope in the midst of their troubling situation by providing these precious rescue children a safe place to grow up and experience the unconditional love of God and be healed from their past abuse. In addition, we’re giving them a proper education and vocational training so that they’ll be equipped to find a good paying job – ending the cycle of poverty in their lives and giving them a bright future!

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