Where We Work

Our Work in Laos

Laos has experienced much hardship economically, causing widespread poverty. Unfortunately, many poor people looking for decent paying jobs are tricked, coerced and forced into the sex industry, including children.

Laos is an ethnically diverse country with approximately 6.5 million people comprised of 49 different ethnic groups. It was colonized by France in the early 1900s, but in 1954, the Vietnamese defeated the French, granting Laos full sovereignty from French rule. Unfortunately, during the next two decades Laos experienced political upheaval and much war, including the Second Indochina War (1954 to 1975). With the fall of Phnom Penh and Saigon to communist forces in 1975, the unstable Laos government gave way to the communist Lao People’s Democratic Republic. The new regime imposed strict security measures and established a harsh Soviet-style system, which caused 10% of the population to flee the country.

The Laos economy has struggled, as well. Laos has been plagued by inadequate infrastructure and underdeveloped human resources throughout much of its existence, which has caused widespread poverty throughout much of the country.

What We Do

Destiny Rescue is impacting Laos in a positive way. We’re actively involved in rescuing children from the sex-trade through our various rescue operations. Our involvement has given these precious little ones hope and the chance to dream again. We’re also providing rescue children a safe, loving environment to grow up in and be healed from their past abuse in one of our Rescue Homes.  Plus, we’re giving them the chance to get a good education and learn a vocation so that they can earn a good income and break the cycle of poverty. 

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